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ESTABLISHING THEME2Establishing ThemeA good movie is made when all parts work together to promote the theme. “A theme is anidea, subject, or topic of some kind that pervades the plot. It is not so much what "happens," but rather what the movie is "about," part of the meaning you are expected to take away from the work”, [Goo143]. A movie may have more than one theme being presented at a time. In this paper I will discuss, the theme of Back to the Future, three techniques that contributed to the film, and my feelings on themise en scène and how it impacted the film. Probably the single largest theme that encompasses not only the original Back to The Future, but also its sequels is dealing with changing life choices through time travel. ThemeThe 1985 movie Back to The Future directed by Robert Zemeckis, centers its whole design on the idea of changing events through time travel. In the movie Marty attempts to go back in time to prevent the killing of his friend Doc Brown, but by mistake he ends up in 1955. During his time in 1955 he has a few complications that could change his life in 1985. David Wittenberg wrote, “this film may represent a paragon of time travel storytelling in the mode of straightforward popular literature, indeed possibly the most generic and stridently mainstream version of this peculiar and idiosyncratic subgenre of science fiction”, [Wit12]. Sidney Perkowitz also talks about how time travel relates to this movie in her book. Perkowitz says, “travel through time as in Back to The Future, also sometimes associated with wormholes”,[Per10].

Back to the Future is a movie that moviegoers still talk about to this today. The movie Back to the Future was written by Robert Zemeckis, and Bob Gale. The main stars of this film is Michael J. Fox, Crispin Glover, Thomas Wilson, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd. MichaelJ. Fox plays the role of the main character Marty McFly who is sent back in time by his friend Doc who invented at time machine. When Marty is sent back in time by Doc, Marty meets his parents and struggles to bring them together before returning to his normal life as a high school teenager. The film starts with Marty who is in a band and try’s out to play at the school dance butthe band is turned away. Marty’s father’s supervisor bullies him, and his mother is an alcoholic who is always thinking about the past and how she meets Marty’s father while they were in the college. When Marty goes to meet his friend Doc at theTwin Pines Mall with Doc’s video camera Doc, unveils a time machine that he has built, after messing with the time machine Martyis accidentally sent back to 1955 where he meets with his young teenage parents.The cinematographer of the movie was Dean Cundey and since the making of this film; he has received many awards for his iconic work in this film and others. The trilogy of the movie


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