Iis Dammam Holiday Assignment For Students

You are welcome to the school for a new academic session.  My object is to make the students excel in academic as well as behavioral development. Simultaneously, I want to inculcate among the students the qualities of leadership, character, comradeship and spirit of sportsmanship and the most important, I like to see you all as a bunch of disciplined stuff.

I have some do’s and don’ts for you.

  • Maintain discipline

  • Work hard without fuss

  • Be serious in your endeavor

  • Books are the best friends

  • Your school has got a good library, utilize it and equip yourself with advanced knowledge

  • Today’s world considers the overall development of personality. Besides being excellent in studies, take part in extracurricular activities too. These will help you in developing a perfect personality

  • You have got a better sports ground and also Physical Education Periods. Sports complex remains open for you in the afternoon, utilize it also

  • Take care of your health. It’s very important to have a healthy body and healthy mind eat good fresh food with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid taking preserved food as they adversely affect your health

  • School Uniform is the cardinal of discipline. Adhere to it

  • School attendance is very important as it has a direct impact on your academic and behavioral development. So be regular and punctual to the school

  • Sometimes evil thoughts may deviate you from becoming successful. Remember your studentship is of a short duration, but your acts of this period will determine your future. If you utilize your studentship wisely then certainly future will be according to your will and wish.

  • Plan your act and act your plan. So don’t get deviated by the evil thoughts and strive hard to get success by making studentship a synthetic period.

  • I wish you all the best for achieving the aim of your fruitful life

  • May The Almighty bless all of you

Thanks to the dedicated and committed team of staff, sincere and hardworking students, cooperative and understanding parent community and the unfettered support of the Chairman and members of the Managing Committee.  I feel proud and privileged to be at the helm of affairs as the Principal and the Head of such a wonderful institution.

It makes us proud to acknowledge that hundreds of our alumni are highly placed in leading roles in Engineering, Medicine, IT professionals, Bank, etc. Our pursuit for greater heights shall continue. We expect a whole hearted cooperation from the parents in achieving our goals.


The result at Class X is 100%  in 2017.  1162 students appeared at Class X. In terms of grade points 216 students secured 10 out of 10, while 66 scored 9.8 out of 10, 70 scored 9.6 out of 10.

The result at Class XII is 99.2% in 2017.  712 students appeared, 91 secured above 90%, 240 above 80%, 438 above 70% and the remaining below 70%. The result is not only by far the best in the Kingdom but compares favourably with any school anywhere in the country or in the gulf.
We enhance our teachers potentials by regular workshops, inservice training, regular pep talks and staff development programme.  Despite the constraints of space, different campuses spread at different places,  universal admission policy, admission round the year, the school has been functioning exceedingly well almost in a copybook fashion.

New and innovative methods of teaching based on the theories of multiple intelligence and educational constructivism are introduced and the evaluation system is redesigned on the basis of continuous and comprehensive assessment.   All steps are taken to make teaching and learning  enjoyable in a total stress free atmosphere.  The aim is to develop the multifarious talents among the children and to bring them up as a balanced personalities to face the challenges of the fast growing world.


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