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ISC Class 12 English Language Last Step Practice Package

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Learn the art of solving English Language Questions in a quick, simple and smart way with the ISC English Language Last Step Practice Package. Each grammar topic in the syllabus is explained beautifully so that English is no more a burden to prepare. It also covers Essays, Report Writing, Comprehensions and additional things that can help you score almost full marks in the examination.

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Table of Content

Paper I: Composition, Directed Writing, Grammar, Unseen Comprehension Paper II: Play- Much Ado About Nothing, Arms and the Man Essays- The Spirit of Freedom, On running after One’s Death, The Art of Conversation, Reading for Pleasure, Writing of essays, Unbirthday and Other Presents, Go to the Ant, The Inward Light, On Going on the Journey, The Rules of the Road Short Story- The Lost Jewels, Lamb to the Slaughter, the Drover’s Wife, The Stolen Bacillus, Old love, Avery Old Man with Enormous Wings, A real Durwan, The Lumber Room, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, One Thousand dollars Poetry- The Eve of Waterloo, The Last Ride Together, Mending Wall, Dulce et Decorum Est, Do not Go Gentle into that Good Night, Enterprise, Five Ways to Kill a Man, Phenomenal Woman, Breaking Out, Father Returning Home Fully Solved Sample Question Paper 1 Unsolved Sample Question Paper 2 Fully Solved ISC Solved Paper 2015 & 2016 Fully Solved ISC Specimen Question Paper 2015 Fully Solved ISC Solved Papers (Paper 1 & Paper 2)


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