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Email is the modern and widely used business communication system that is supported by Information technologies. Importance and uses of email in business communication are greater than any other communication tool.

Almost all kind of occupations, professionals, trades, and works email messages are one the easiest and low-cost business communication method. Nowadays emails work like legal agreements.

Main Points explained in this article:

  1. Email is widely used online communication system for business.
  2. It can be used in all kind of business and professions.
  3. Used to access any kind of public application on the internet. Such as social media websites.
  4. Used to verify people when they subscribed to news later or want to download eBook.
  5. Email communication is used by business to promote product and services.
  6. Email is helpful to manage communication in the business network.
  7. Sharing and collaboration can be done through email.
  8. Notification and important updates are informed by business to its customers.
  9. Emails are the prime operators for online store and internet marketing companies.
  10. Email marketing is one of the popular digital marketing practices for business.
  11. Private and recorded communication.


In daily business works such as buying and selling, marketing, trading and calling, email is a quick method to exchange information by speaking, writing, subscribing, sharing, reporting, and presenting information. And obviously, it’s the prime method to handle and test customer queries. Communication is important in business and its importance is very high when it’s through digital methods.

The importance of professional email account is same as the importance of Voting Card or Aadhar Card in the modern era. Email is the identification of users on the internet.

Business communication means when you share information about your products and services with the people and reply to their questions and enquires. This also means your promotions, marketing and exchange of information related to business by using email Ids.

And one of the popular methods of digital marketing is Email Marketing. When you send a message manually or automatically using text, images, links to a single person or group of people (bulk mails) it’s called email marketing and it’s a communication system for business.


Now let’s learn about details the importance and uses of email in business communication in this essay.

Email is the way to enter on social media websites.

In earlier days email account was needed to sign up on social media websites. Today, mobile number and email ID are two options.

Now email account and phone number is the source of communication for social media websites. They can verify the users. They send important messages and notification by addressing the email used by you for registration. They use this method to add the users in the loop to keep using website.

This method of business (Website is a business) communication is through message and notification. And these messages and notification generated by the Artificial Intelligence integrated applications automatically. These applications and small options on the websites are created by programmers. These programmers follow the instructions of business promoters or business developers. And these promoters follow the instructions from data or data analyst.

And this data is generated by the business application (website), right from the beginning when you first visited the website.

And it’s your input and you get output.

So when you share, chat, like, comment or whatever you do on social media website the data is created.

For example, when your friends messaged you or liked your post on social media. And they communicate with you, through email notification.

And you came back on the website. And when you back, you do many things and soon you see the sponsored post in your timeline.

In the above process, it helped you and your friends to communicate, it helped to promote a post, and it helped in promoting sponsored post and business. And this helped for a social media company to earn income.

The above process was started through email and at the end, you sign out your email id.

But there are lots of fake accounts created by fake emails ids. These fake emails ids are used to create aggressive/non-verbal/tensioned communication around the business and people on social media.  I mean spam emails, messages, comments etc. communication comes from fake email accounts.

And Artificial Intelligence, programmers, developers, promoters and analyst are trying to get rid of this and similar practices on the internet to save the business. And most the things are automatic with less human control.

So did you learn the importance of email in business communication? I hope you have learned.

Now in next points, you will learn the power of the email in business communication.

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Email is the prime operator of e-commerce business

You’re looking to buy a domain on services provider website. Your search for a domain, add to the cart and then you add the address, in which email is mandatory.

It’s because domain service provider wants to verify you’re a human, used to inform you and will make you the owner of the domain for a certain period time you have selected.

And you will keep getting domain renewal and expiration and promotional messages all year in that email account. Now email is the way for domain services providers to connect and communicate with you about the domain related services.

And the process of communication by email in buying, selling, customer support on the internet is similar in online stores and other business applications.

You have to use your email id and it’s not optional. And email is the easy methods for businesses to communicate with customers, collect the data and promote personalized products and services and the funny part is that most of the communication is automatic.

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Private Communication on business network

Almost all big/mid-sized companies use professional business email. The email id includes instead of yahoo, live and Gmail and for all staff members. And it is mandatory to use business email to communicate with customers, vendors, partners and government authorities at work. It’s a corporate or business culture.


When you buy a domain or hosting for your business website, you get a free business email account (depends on offers).  And you can also buy custom email addresses without registering for a domain.

But why this professional email account or company email id is beneficial in communication. There are various reasons, but the following are the common:

  • The communication is run only on a business network and it is not accessible to others in normal cases. I mean third-party access.
  • The past communication is always in the record. For example, if someone worked with you as a graphic designer for 2 years and all your communication/file sharing/client’s messages are through personal email then you can’t get a copy of that message easily and your business data is out of your network.
  • The person can use the data of your business after leaving the job in your company with your competitors for personal or professional benefits.
  • That’s why companies stop the access to those email account for their retired and resigned employees.
  • Online team management, reporting, tracking and delegation apps/websites are on trends. But still today email is the prime method to delegate, report, enquiry, request and data sharing methods for many in daily business works. And you can read the past messages and all the communication that you did with someone.
  • And another benefit of professional/business email is that you don’t get distracted and confused by promotional emails. And it will increase the productivity of employees in a business. Else if they are using a free email account, there are 90% chances of getting distracted while working on the project.

That’s the uses of email in business communication and it is very effective but then if it’s happening through professional or business email account.

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In business communication through email, collaboration with subordinates or remote employees, video chat with customers, to access various business applications on the internet, to get notification and newsletter from the website, to send a promotional message etc. All of these extraordinary uses explain us about what is the importance of email in business communication.

What do you think?

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