The Oaks Sessay Rules Of Engagement

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This fishery is the perfect getaway from all the stresses of working life, a cracking spot to go fishing if you have no other excuse. There are now 7 lakes on this complex all set in peaceful woodland with easy access to all of the lakes. There are good toilet facilities and also a snack bar on site. The venue grows year by year and now offers over 330 pegs. There is also very good access to disabled anglers to fish both Alders and Maple, which are close to the parking area

ALDERS LAKE - This is primarily the match lake with even depth and a total of 40 pegs. It is stocked with carp, bream, roach, rudd & gudgeon. It has it's own car parking to all pegs. The match weights are very good. It is without doubt a pole venue - long and straight with a thin central island, it is a water that offers even sport for all.

MAPLE LAKE - You drive past this peculiar shaped snake lake as you drive up the access road, Again it is an all out match lake, but this one does have more attractive pegs than others due to the shape. Fish can swim all the way around, but certain pegs do scream fish when the weather conditions are favourable to those pegs, i.e. shade during bright sunlight and wind blowing into the corners.

POPLARS LAKE - This water is on the opposite side to the road as you drive up the track. A long circular lake with a central island from all pegs, but there are also plenty of margin vegetation to target first and last thing in the day.

WILLOWS LAKE - If you fancy pitting your wits against a big carp then find yourself a peg on this lake. There is a large stock of common & mirror carp to 23lb, ghost carp to 20lb (very shy) and stunning grass carp that come out up to 23lb. You can use floating baits on this water and can be very effective during the brighter warmer days.

OAKS LAKE - Again this is another match lake and is heavily stocked with carp (crucian, mirror, grass, ghost, koi), golden orfe, perch, tench, roach, rudd & bream. It is almost oblong in shape and again has a central island.

FIRS LAKE - This is a general-purpose lake (keepnets allowed). Again as with all the lakes on this complex it is well stocked with carp up to 10lb, bream to 4lb (loads of skimmers & tench to 5lb.)

CEDARS LAKE - This is the classic snake lake and is exclusively for match use. It is the newest lake on the complex. It is designed for the pole anglers, still fairly new but will mature like the others into a good match fishery.


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