Funny Homework Pictures Saying No

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The Nightly Prayer

"Alone" Time

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Baby No. 3

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Nose Ring

Life Lessons

These clever children were not afraid to think outside the box when it came to answering their tricky homework problems. 

Pupils from around the world came up with some very creative solutions to mind-boggling questions - often giving responses that were more literal than the teacher intended.

Their amused teachers and parents couldn't resist snapping pictures of the answer sheets and sharing the photos online. 

Some schoolchildren were intentionally funny with their responses - although the marker was not always as impressed with their efforts. 

Other younger children simply misunderstood the question, with one drawing a cartoon of a person thinking when asked to show their working out. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples... 

Taking things literally: This primary school pupil did their best to show their working out

Not quite right: This child misunderstood the less than and greater maths symbols

Creative: This pupil had a laugh at their teacher's expense with this biology drawing

Not impressed: Peter might have been having fun but his teacher definitely wasn't

Grim reality: This pupil was well versed in the health risks of eating too many sweet treats

At least it's true: This pupil managed to find another difference between the two numbers

Dark interpretation: This pupil had a sad wake-up call for poor Alice in her homework paper

Cheeky: While this is technically correct, it's not the answer the teacher was expecting

Personalisation: Cate, Bob and Sam are all new additions to the shapes thanks to Hope

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