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A CNA is a certified nurse assistant and a cover letter for such an individual should briefly list the main responsibilities with which the individual has experience. The first paragraph of the letter should grab the reader’s attention and make him want to read more. It is important to demonstrate knowledge of the company in the letter as well as show enthusiasm for the job. A cover letter should be to-the-point and relevant to the available position. You can use the CNA cover letter samples below to create your own letter.

Example 1 – Target to Company

This CNA cover letter example is from a recently certified nurse assistant who is looking for employment in one of the urgent care centers in her area. She has completed her education at a vocational school, worked the required clinical hours, graduated and passed the necessary exam to earn certification.

Dear Director of Nursing:
My name is Clara Wood and I am a recent graduate of XYZ Vocational Training School which has an accredited program for certified nurse assistants. I graduated with a 3.85 grade point average, performed my clinical hours at XYZ City Hospital and passed my certification exam earning my CNA designation. I have an offer to work at XYZ City Hospital, but would prefer to work in a free standing immediate care environment like that of ABC Urgent Care. In addition to my CNA designation, I am certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by the American Red Cross. I also plan to periodically take continuing education courses offered at XYZ Vocational to stay on top of new developments in patient care.
I am willing and able to work any shift and am eager to go through a training program at an immediate care facility such as ABC Urgent Care. Although I have applied for a position as a CNA at several urgent care facilities in the area, ABC is my first choice due to the facility’s reputation for providing high quality immediate care within a fast time-frame to the maximum satisfaction of patients. I also admire the managers of ABC for their involvement in the community with local Health Fairs and other programs that provide free health education to area residents. I would be honored to be employed by such a fine organization.
I hope you will review my application and resume for a position at ABC Urgent Care. I am very excited about the prospect of beginning my career serving patients. I am happy to come to your office for an interview at your convenience. You can reach me on my cell phone at 555-555-5555 or by email at [email] Thank you for your consideration.
Warm Regards,
Clara Wood
Clara Wood

Example 2 -Unadvertised Opening

This CNA cover letter example is from a certified nurse assistant who works in the emergency room of a hospital and is seeking a position on the pediatric floor because she enjoys working with children. She has 4 years’ experience as a CNA and has worked for several healthcare providers.

Dear Nursing Director:
My name is Haley Patterson and I am a certified nurse assistant in the emergency room here at ABC City Medical Center. I have been a CNA for 4 years. I worked the first year at ABC Family Practice Associates, the second year at ABC Immediate Care and these last two years in the emergency room. I have discovered over these last 4 years that I love working with children. I enjoy my job in the ER here at ABC, but I would greatly appreciate being considered for a position as a CNA on the pediatric floor when one becomes available. I would love to work with children exclusively.
I am accustomed to shift work in the ER and am comfortable with it. I believe that working for 2 years in the ER has helped me cope with almost any type of medical condition of both the emergent and non-emergent variety, and I believe this experience would serve me well working with children on the pediatric wing. I have a knack for calming sick children, making them feel safe and sometimes even making them laugh even when they are sick or injured. My supervising nurse in the ER has written a letter of reference for me which is attached to this letter along with my resume. Feel free to contact her if you wish to discuss my job performance, particularly with pediatric patients.
Even if you do not have an opening now, I hope that you will keep my information on file and consider me for any future CNA positions on the pediatric wing. Should you have questions or want to speak with me for any reason, I can be reached on my cell phone at 555-555-5555 or via email at [email] I appreciation your consideration in this matter.
Your Signature
Haley Patterson

Example 3 – Response to Job Postings and Classifieds Ads

This CNA cover letter example is from a certified nurse assistant who works in a general surgeon’s office and would like to transition to a hospital setting. She would like to either work on the surgical floor of the hospital or with patients in the recovery room immediately following surgeries.

Dear Nursing Staff Administrator:
I am responding to your online ad for a CNA with experience working with surgical patients. I have been working in Dr. Madeline Martin’s general surgery practice as a CNA for the last 3 years. Although I have greatly enjoyed working with Dr. Martin and her nursing staff, I have always wanted to work in a hospital setting. I would like to be considered for either the position on the surgical floor or the position in the recovery room of ABC Regional Medical Center, and I have no problem with shift work.
Along with a CNA who has experience working with surgical patients, your ad calls for someone who has experience working on the EPIC computer system. Dr. Martin’s office is on EPIC and I am trained on the system and work on it every day. Dr. Martin is aware that I am applying for a position in the hospital. She supports my desire to move to a hospital setting and has been kind enough to write a letter of reference which is attached with my application and resume.
I graduated in 2009 from ABC Community College where I took and passed the certified nursing assistant exam and earned my CNA designation. I performed my required clinical hours at Dr. Martin’s surgical practice through an internship and she hired me full time following graduation. I have learned a great deal from Dr. Martin and her staff. There is no replacement for practical experience in the healthcare profession.
I hope you will review my application, resume and reference letter and consider me for a position either on the surgical floor or in the recovery room. I am available via my cell phone or email should you want to talk to me or schedule an interview. My cell phone address is 555-555-5555 and my email address is [email]
Thank you,
Madeline Martin

Resume tips to help nursing assistants get noticed

Don't rely on an application to land the job. Use these recruiter tips to craft a resume that will get you noticed.

Nursing assistants are in demand nationwide, but that doesn't mean just any candidate will fill the bill. Recruiters look for caring, dependable applicants with good communication skills to assist RNs and LPNs with the less-glamorous, yet absolutely vital, aspects of nursing. 

Unfortunately, a simple application won't do you justice when applying for a nursing-assistant job. Sure, you can list work history and some references, but a full-fledged resume will help you stand out, recruiting experts say. 

"Having a resume is a bonus for nursing assistants," says Mary-Anne Benedict, MSN, RN, an education consultant and member of the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation. "Resumes can help the nursing assistant list all her work experience, demonstrate communications skills and career goals and much more." 

Review this sample resume for a nursing assistant and follow these recruiter tips to make your resume shine:

Show a Stable Work History

You don't need healthcare experience to land a nursing-assistant position, recruiters say. The proper attitude, willingness to learn and a stable work history are considered more desirable attributes for these job candidates -- qualities you can convey on a resume. 

"Too many people these days jump from job to job," says Susan Rayner, a nurse recruiter at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago. "A stable work history says something about an applicant's loyalty and character."

Be Specific -- Very Specific

Detail all your work experience and be specific about any that's healthcare-related, recruiters say.

For example, instead of merely stating that you worked at ABC Nursing Home, list your daily responsibilities to paint a clearer picture of your skill set, says Josh Sturgill, vice president of client services with the medical division of @Work Personnel Services, a full-service staffing agency based in Knoxville.

"You can use more specific terms that would highlight the areas of specialty, like dealing with long-term-care patients," he says. "Describe the medical conditions and ages of patients you've cared for."

Watch Your Language

Few things bother Rayner more than nursing-assistant applicants who use the wrong terminology. "You can show a commitment to quality by submitting a clean resume that is computer-generated," she says. "But that won't make much difference if you call Alzheimer's disease ‘Old Timer's disease' under your job responsibilities."

Include Certifications and Screenings

Not all nursing assistants are certified nursing assistants, who have completed a six- to 12-week program at a community college or medical facility.

If you have this special designation or any other certifications, such as CPR, these are valuable assets to list on a resume. Likewise, if you have any letters of reference, employment awards or other documents that demonstrate exceptional work, attach them to or incorporate the information into your resume.

Also, specify your own health screenings. "You should list on your resume that you are up-to-date on tuberculosis shots and hepatitis B shots, because this is very important to a potential employer," Sturgill says.

Highlight Other Desirable Skills

Are you bilingual? Speaking more than one language is a highly coveted skill in nursing today. Do you have experience in taking vital signs? Not every facility requires this skill, but it's one that can help you stand out.

Advice for First-Time Nursing Assistants

What if you've never worked as a nursing assistant? Besides listing your stable work history, use your resume to express why you want to become one and why you believe you would be good at the job, recruiters say. For instance, your objective statement could read: 

To obtain a position as a nursing assistant to fulfill my desire to help people and as a first step in pursuit of a long-term career in healthcare. Future goals include education leading to an RN license.

If you are coming right from school into nursing with no practical experience, focus on your nursing classes, Sturgill says. "Highlight each class and any clinical environment [exposure] you received during school so that it can be included as part of your skill set," he suggests.

Even if you've never taken nursing classes, don't be intimidated by nursing-assistant opportunities, Sturgill advises. Becoming a nursing assistant, he says, is a wonderful opportunity to transition from another career into nursing without investing a lot of time and money in additional education.


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