Nail Stamping Plate Comparison Essay

We here at Bundle Monster love the holidays, and we also love our nail products too! So, it was only fitting that we'd come out with our own 25 piece Holiday Collection of nail stamping plates! Everyone will be praising you on how festive you are throughout the year with the amount of holiday variety you get with this set. This 25 piece nail art image stamping plates include plate numbers: BM-H01 thru BM-H25 and features 6 designs on each plate totaling to 150 designs. If you are like us, some events get treated like holidays, so not only did we include the classics like: Christmas, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving to name a few, but we also threw in some other special events like: birthday, baby shower, wedding and graduation for some added flare. All designs featured in this set are NOT reduplicated in any of our other nail plate sets. Use this collection to have fun working on your nails or give them away as fabulous gifts to friends and family. PACKAGE CONTENT: 25 Nail Art Image Plates *ONLY*. SCRAPER AND STAMPER are not included and must be purchased in order to use plates properly. PLATE SPECS: Plate Dimension: 5.5cm in Diameter. Make and Finish: Made of Stainless Steel and has a shiny, glossy finish with a "Bundle Monster" paper backing. **INSTRUCTIONS FOR NAIL STAMPING: 1. Apply polish on image plate design. 2. Using the scraper, scrape off the excessive nail polish. 3. Stamp the image in rolling motion. 4. Stamp design on nail smoothly. Done ! ***NOTE: Before use, peel off the tight, protective, blue plastic on top of each plate. All image designs featured in this set are authentically created and designed in-house by Bundle Monster EXCUSIVELY. Each design is protected by copyright laws.***

Today I have a bit of an exciting post to share with you! I was testing my stampers out onto a sheet of paper and showed my friend Deborah, who suggested why not make a post about it?! I wasn’t sure at first but I figured it might be helpful so I’m sharing my thoughts with you. Let’s take a look at which stampers will be battling it out!

For my comparison I grabbed four stampers from my stash. Pueen Double Side Stamper, B. Loves Plates Jumbo Stamper, Messy Mansion Medium Soft Stamper, Creative Shop Stamper. The Pueen has two sides so I included both sides in my comparison! I was sent the Pueen and B. Loves Plates stampers for review, the other two stampers were purchased with my own money, this didn’t affect my review whatsoever but I’m including it for the sake of transparency.

Battle Of The Stampers Comparison

[table id=2 /]

*This is the current price of the Creative Shop stamper where I purchased mine which is Hypnotic Polish. it may be different depending on the stockist.

This is a comparison of a few key things such as price, size, squishiness and stickiness. I didn’t compare shipping cost as this is of course different for everyone depending where you live. All four stampers are as of right now available and in stock at the official shops or stockists so should be fairly easy to track down.

For the tests you’ll see below, I used a rolling motion. I didn’t push my stamper down onto the plate, instead I rolled it across the image to pick it up. I established that this method works the best for all five stamper heads in my experience. I used a bendy credit card scraper such as the ones you get with a Creative Shop stamper. For the stamping plate images I used MoYou London Pro XL 20 and MoYou London Time Traveller 03, as this is a brand that is affordable, easily accessible and with consistent quality.

(click to enlarge!)

Row 1 – Mundo De Unas Turquoise (stamping polish)
Row 2 – B. Loves Plates B. A Twilight Black Shimmer (stamping polish)
Row 3 – Hit The Bottle To Have And To Gold (stamping polish)
Row 4 – Mundo De Unas Violet (stamping polish)
Row 5 – A England Saint George (regular nail polish)

Battle Of The Stampers Scoring

[table id=4 /]

This table shows how I scored the stampers! I scored them based off of price, size (because size is important!), the results I got from my tests and if they are easy to use (this is based on the squishy/sticky factors). The overall winner is the Messy Mansion. I would say that’s accurate as that is the one I prefer the most at the moment! The results have been the most consistent and it’s affordable. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a stamper holder so you will need to buy that separately or use one you have lying around. The Creative Shop and B. Loves Plates are in close second. I love the Creative Shop for its size, but it gives me some air bubbles sometimes so the results aren’t always flawless. The B. Loves Plates stamper does a great job at picking up images perfectly, even very fine lines, but it’s super squishy so easy to warp if you aren’t careful with pick-up. It takes a bit more practice! The Pueen stamper is not bad either, especially the pink side does a fabulous job, the yellow side is a bit too squishy and sticky for me but that might be personal preference. All of these stampers are honestly great, it mostly depends on your personal preference and technique what may work best for you.

That concludes my Battle of the Stampers! I hope you found it helpful! I do have to say a lot of it is personal preference, so what works for me may not work for you. A good stamper is one thing but technique, polish, plates all make a big difference too. I’d love to do more comparisons like this in the future, so if there are any stampers you would like to see me compare let me know! And if you’d like me to review your stampers please get in touch! 🙂


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