Bf3 Assignments Creeping Death Tattoo

Compiled suggestions from other people

Cybernetic Implants: Researching Floaters (dead or alive) unlocks Cybernetic Implant research. Specific implants are unlocked by researching other elements (Sectoid Commander/Ethereal research might unlock psionic enhancing implants), Muton Berserkers and Heavy Floaters might unlock advanced physically enhancing implants.

EMP Munitions: Munitions type for grenades, rockets and other explosives. Imposes a debuff in an AoE that briefly disables robotic enemies and advanced technology (e.g. plasma/laser weapons, medikits and explosives). Deals heavy damage to robotic enemies, little to no damage to biologicals.

Personal Teleportation Device (PTD): Late game tech that allows the user to teleport a distance. Teleportation has a cooldown proportionate to distance. Can only teleport where the user can see. Teleportation doesn't provoke overwatch. Aliens would use this too.

Proximity Explosives: Thrown grenades that detonate when enemies approach it the round after it's set. Comes in incendiary, plasma, frag, EMP, and poison gas varieties. Deals somewhat more damage than normal nades of their type. Other explosives can be used to detonate these. Support ability?

Dig In (Heavy ability): The Heavy can deploy his machine gun on a square, complete with tripod and firing shield. This increases his cover from that square by one step (none to half, half to full, etc), accuracy by +20, and improves his sight radius, but makes him unable to move, and limits him to firing in a 210 degree arc centred until he undeploys (also an action).

Satchel Charges/Detpacks (Support or Heavy ability?): Heavy, powerful explosives that can only be thrown a short distance (half the distance of grenades). Requires an action to throw, and another action to detonate. Would deal more damage than a rocket with a greater blast radius. Can also be set to have a timed detonation in turns. Other explosives can be used to detonate these. Upgrades with tech level.
Upgradable Ballistics: Alloy munitions/refurbishing for existing ballistic weapons.

Weapon Type Tradeoffs: Laser weapons have high accuracy and critical hit rates with low ammo consumption, but only do moderate damage and rarely do cover damage. Vulnerable to EMP.

Plasma weapons have moderate accuracy, high damage and cover damage, but have low critical hit rates and high ammo consumption. Vulnerable to EMP.

Ballistic weapons have moderate accuracy, ammo consumption and critical hit rates, but weak damage and almost never do cover damage. Upgradable with alloy munitions to do moderate damage, low cover damage and high critical rates. Alloy munitions also partly ignore cover (penetration). Not vulnerable to EMP.

Deployable Turret (Support ability): Lightly armoured tripod turrets (4 HP to start) in perpetual overwatch that automatically fires upon hostiles that enter their detection radius (their overwatch is also triggered by enemy fire as per Covering Fire). Spots enemies and reveals fog of war in their detection radius. Equipped with pistol or rifle level armament. Weapon and HP upgrade with the research of appropriate technologies. Deployed and retrieved each as an action. Can only be deployed to/retrieved from adjacent squares.

Deployable Cover (Support ability with tech prerequisites?): Forcefield generators that can be placed, or thrown a short distance as an action. Provides half cover. Perhaps upgraded models would provide full cover. Can be retrieved as an action. After taking enough damage, it shorts out.

Advanced/upgradable aliens: One of the problems with the game is that difficulty doesn't scale well. Once your tech gets beyond a certain point the aliens are hopelessly outclassed, making the game is laughably easy, even on Ironman Impossible. To address this, aliens should receive upgrades as the game progresses. Some examples:

Masses of armoured basic sectoids with light plasma rifles and alien grenades, perhaps with basic psionics (mindfray + psi panic) backed by a Commander.

Aliens with ghost armour/cloaking devices (thin men).

Heavy titan style armour for mutons which reduces their susceptibility to critical hits, increases their defense (compensates for ridiculously high late game accuracy), and HP.

Aliens with powerful, long range sniper weapons (thin men, maybe sectoids).

Upgrades for biological aliens: Chryssalids with the ability to do horizontal and vertical (to get those Archangel Armour wearing bastards) leap attacks, and/or predator style chameleon camouflage that makes them harder to spot. Perhaps melee aliens might have something like Lightning Reflexes. Available as point buy upgrades in multiplayer.

Silacoids: Yeah, the default design of these things is kind of silly, but if you can overhaul the Chryssalid aesthetics (hate the bio-luminescent 'christmas lights' btw), why not reinvent these? Slow, but insanely tough with high armour, crit immunity/resistance, and hit points. Has magma spewing incendiary attacks that ignite troopers and terrain.
• Redesign as a hulking, nightmarish obsidian golem coalesced about a glowing, molten core.
• High HP
• High armour/defense.
• Low Speed
• Immune to criticals, psionics and incendiary damage.
• Resistant to non-explosive damage.
• Explosive Weakness: Takes more damage from explosive weapons/munitions.
• Melee: Extremely high damage; typically a guaranteed kill, even vs heavy armour (crushes victim into its molten core). Ignites those who somehow manage to survive.
• Magma Spray: Short ranged, highly damaging attack that ignores cover, and ignites terrain and troopers.
• Magma Burst: As Magma Spray in a moderate AoE when the Silacoid dies.

Celatids: Fix the 'floating fetus' design and this is a great alien with potential. Deadly, high damage acid that applies a mission-long armour reducing debuff like Shredder rockets. Engineered to hunt and neutralize psionic users. Has a powerful acidic, psychoactive venom that disables psionics.
• New Lovecraftian horror design; appears to be a levitating heap of pulsing organs, maws and tendrils.
• Medium HP
• Medium Speed
• Immune to psionics. Emits a psionic dampening field/aura that reduces the effectiveness of enemy psionics used in its AoE, or used on those in its AoE.
• Can fly.
• Sixth Sense: Detects biological units like a Battle Scanner. Detects psychically active (using/upkeeping powers like Mind Control) units anywhere on the map. AI prefers to home in on and attack psychic units.
• Acid Spray: Automatically damages all creatures and covers in a short ranged cone.
• Acidic Spit: Creatures damaged by the acidic spit lose the benefits of their armour and are poisoned for several rounds. Psychoactive poison reduces Accuracy, Will and disables psychic powers.

Reaper: How could you not include this? I guess the Muton Berserker kind of fits this niche, but it's not nearly the same. I want a huge, terrifying carnivorous slaughterbeast that can withstand anything, viscerally tear stuff apart, and cause fear merely with its presence, and when brutally savaging a creature. In X-Com EU, they'd also be equipped with armour plating:
• Think multiarmed Deathclaw meets Grizzly. Huge hulking, furred beast with spines, many heavily muscled arms, forearm length claws and a giant mouth filled with rows of sharp, jagged teeth.
• Very High HP (20+)
• Moderately armoured
• High Speed
• Melee only; teeth and claws. Very high damage, and always causes fatal wounds.
• Incendiary Weakness: Takes more damage from fire based weapons.
• Critical Resistance: Critical hits do reduced damage (redundant organs).
• Fear the Reaper: Reaper intimidates enemies near it. Intimidation is increased for those who see it attack or kill a creature.
• Blood Frenzy: Action restored on killing a biological enemy. Has an extra action and gains bonus willpower when at less than 50% hp.
• Scent of Weakness: Detects enemies at less than 50% of max HP as a Battle Scanner, and deals bonus damage to them. Reaper AI prefers to attack these units.

Idea of a New Unique alien in DLC: The Snakeman, a firey alien
I though that the snakeman from original XCOM should make a return to Enemy Within. Snakemen are a volcanic alien species, rendering them immune to fire and flamethrower. They are fairly tough but slow, generally armed with a plasma rifle and an alien grenade.

Snakemen are notable for their fire breath, which translates into a flamethrower that damages victims in the cone and panics them into falling back, not to mention setting fire to the area. They also posses fire spit, in which the Snakeman hurls a fireball to impact an area with a radius of 1 square. This damages victims in the blast and sets the area on fire. Fire spit has a very good chance of causing panic on the victims caught in the blast, though it's not 100%, unlike fire breath. Snakemen also posess final flame, a passive ability that is triggered on death. Final flame will cause the snakeman to breath a bit of fire as it falls and set the area around it on fire as well as damaging those unfortunate to be in the 2 square radius and panicking them into falling back. Snakemen are less of a threat to soldiers wearing titan armor as their fire breath and fire spit and final flame have no effect on them, though their plasma rifle and alien grenade do.

Snakemen are fairly accurate and have moderate will.

What I want is a melee alien, with lightning reflexes..... I mean come on, 85% of people use the somewhat op "move to cover, click overwatch button, gl hf aliens" strat, and it is too effective, and boring. What I'm talking about is a new alien altogether, a super-agile, medium-hp, near melee, "charger". It's like a Muton Berserker, except that it tries to catch lone targets, flanks, avoid bullets rather than tanking them. Abilities include:

-Lunge: allows to jump from building to building, ground to building (although not straight up, has to be far enough way). Can also attack flyers if they are close enough to them, and low enough.
-Lightning Reflexes: Always dodges the first reaction shot
-Haste: its fast movement make aiming at it really hard, lowering accuracy against it by 15%

Mercenaries for purchase: If X-Com is all new we should have the ability to randomly purchase Mercenary units which are units which already have some decent stats. This can be used as an alternative method to acquire tougher soldiers instead of finding them at abduction sites.

Military/Medical NPC's: When I was playing a specific Council mission to rescue a Council member there were multiple NPC's which were supposedly guards for the Council member however they just stood there. On many of the maps it would be great if police, soldiers, medics and other NPCs were present which could add buffs or help players.


1 Awareness - hunker down with overwatch and no sight range reduction
2A Sixth Sense - detect invisible units if in line of sight (thee would need to be more stealth aliens for this to be useful!)
2B Psi Scan - detect all non invisible organic units within range, through walls
3A Prescience - see the enemy's next turn
3B Bullet Time - slow down your perception of time to dodge all attacks


1 Detonate - set off any one explosive in line of sight - enemy grenade, vehicle, UFO power generator
2A Levitate - fly for 3 turns
2B Hoist - lift one enemy up out of cover for one turn
3A Shield - add 40 Defence to all units within radius
3B Reflect - reflect next attack back at attacker

Psi Assault

1 Mind Fray - cause damage and reduce Will, Aim and Move
2A Inspire - increase allies' Will
2B Panic - panic enemy
3A Mind Control - control enemy for 3 turns
3B Cloak - invisible to organics for 1 turn, even if you attack


1 Psi Amp - all Psionic allies' Psi skills have an area of effect this turn
2A One Vision - all allies gain 5 Aim, Crit and Defence per ally that can see each enemy (eg if 3 troops can see an enemy, they each get +15 against that enemy)
2B Shared Pain - all damage taken is shared equally between all allies, rounding down (eg if someone is hit for 8 damage, instead all 6 troops take 1 damage each)
3A Hive Mind - all allies can use any other ally's non-weapon skill this turn (eg everyone could Run and Gun etc)
3B Mind Over Matter - heals all allies

UFO missions in countries which have left the Council
While there's an obvious reason why you wouldn't be taking on abduction or terror missions in countries that have left the Council (they are no longer sending you requests for assistance), there could still be missions you undertake in those countries. UFO missions are an obvious option - those you take on because you detected (and usually shot down) a UFO. These missions would be harder, as not only would you fight the aliens, but you'd fight local soldiers trying to secure the craft. They might just be pissed that XCOM is violating their territory, or they might be in league with the aliens. And instead of fighting their elites (since you get enough of that fighting EXALT) you'd fight regular troops, who would be comparable to your base security guys in the base defense mission. Doesn't sound hard? Well, you'd also fight a LOT of them. And they might have tanks. Actual tanks. These missions would be designed in such a way that withdrawal would often be the better option.

Massed Alien Assaults
As an alternative to always fighting enemy elite troops in later missions, how about facing large numbers of their basic guys? Imagine fighting 20 or 30 Sectoids (with a couple of heavies backing them up). There might be reasons why Firaxis didn't do this, but it might be fun.

Assassinate Sectoid Commander
One of the Council nations is threatening to withdraw despite not being in a state of panic. Turns out that a Sectoid Commander is mind-controlling their leader. Your job is to infiltrate a government facility to eliminate the Commander.

Promoting Base Security
One thing that bugged me about the Base Defense mission is that you don't have any real reason to ensure that your base security guys survive the mission. Even though they can earn promotions, once the mission is over, they presumably go right back to their duties. I'd like it if the ones who earned promotions got added to your roster.

This is borrowing from several games such as psi-ops, advent rising, star wars: the force unleashed and Kotor but here's a list of additional psychic abilities which could be added to expand on the 'psychic' class.

flame wave- shoot out wall of fire
combustion- set one enemy on fire

Psychic blast- knockback enemies
Move it- throw enemies parallel to opponent
Levitate- immobolize ground enemy. (higher resistance for heavier and psychic enemies)
Environment- throw, activate/disarm (at a distance), lift certain environmental objects

Astral projection:
Shadow image- Send a non physical replica of soldier to scout. Can pass through walls.
Decoy- Create false image which enemies may fire at

Psychic drain- Steal willpower and health
Magic bullet- Temporarily increase aim of target
Weightless- Encumbrance of target reduced when activated. Movement increased.

+ weapon addons like different types of sights, ammo, grenade launchers etc. etc.
+ armor for aliens too and shields like in the Bureau.
+ more spawn locations in all maps, so we can add more soldiers to the squad. Personally I´d like something like 12 slots (10 soldiers + 2 shivs), for balance reasons the number of aliens in a map should also be increased accordingly.
+leadership perks and perhaps a new soldier class, squad leader. These perks give morale, willpower and other bonuses to nearby soldiers/the whole squad.
+more ranks or alternatively more points to buy perks per level

I found that no one has suggested some additional challenging achievements like the existing "Lone Wolf" or "As A Scalpel". We've started a small discussion on this topic on G+. Here's what we have in our minds currently.

Simplify Their Problem -- kill 5 enemies while flanking in a single mission.
Incoming! -- kill 5 enemies with one shot of an explosive weapon or one grenade.
Predator -- successfully complete a mission with aliens never spotting a single troop of your unit.
Master Of Puppets -- successfully complete a mission without making a single direct attack (i.e. using only mind-controlled enemies killing each other).

And also these, courtesy of David Mager.
No Stone Unturned - Complete a mission with 6 psionic soldiers.
Where There's a Will... - Cause the Uber-Ethereal to panic. (This is possible, but a tad difficult to get high enough will)
Tried and True - Complete the game (any difficulty) with only using ballistic weapons. (No laser/plasma/alien grenades/blaster launcher)
We Have Other Plans - Capture every enemy in a mission (cyberdisks and sectopods excluded)
End the Bloodline - Kill at least 2 of every muton type in a single mission (artificially hard due to random spawnings)
Gibbed - Kill every enemy in a mission using rockets or grenades.

* Human Radio
- Item
- Soldier can call in strafing runs preformed by the player's interceptors and combat capable skyrangers.
- Could take one or more turn to prep once activated.
- if alien light anti-air emplacements are present then human call-ins could have say a 75% chance of being damaged and 25% chance of being destroyed; alien heavy anti-air guarantee a aircraft's destruction after its payload is delivered [upgrades could reduce this].
-- Interference could be generated by certain enemies and enemy structures.

* Human Laser Marker
- soldier item
- adds "mark target" ability to equipped soldier. improves accuracy of all friendly soldiers engaging the marked target
- could also provide a smaller accuracy buff to friendly forces that attack the same target the equipped soldier has already fired upon.

* Human Guided Missile Launcher
- effective against single, large targets
- high accuracy
- can be upgraded with thermobaric warheads to improve area of effect damage

/// S.H.I.V. IDEAS ///

* S.H.I.V.s could be customized.
- four tube rocket launcher
- instead of the two below ideas being seperate S.H.I.V.s, support modules could be installed in place of weapons.
-- systems such as area bubble shields [that could be recharged with the ARC thrower], detection sensors

* Human UAV/ UCAV
- Could bare the name theme "Gargoyle".
- Might start possessing sensor equipment [large FoW reveal or the highlighting of enemies and civilians in the fog of war perhaps] and a laser designator [ally targeting buff].
- Could be upgraded with various weapons on pylons, but might lose support aspects.
-- AT missiles, rocket pods, rotary cannons as examples.
- Think of it as an always airborne S.H.I.V.

* Human Support S.H.I.V.
- Could bare the name theme "MULE".
- Could provide three item resupplies, half cover, and laser targeting [accuracy buff to all soldiers attacking targeted enemy unit].


* emplacements/ defensive structures

+ Alien Anti-Air Emplacement types
- Small emplacements could be numerous in a match, scattered around the map to be found by the players forces.
- The large emplacement could be fielded by itself, located at the maps center.
- These could pop up as a mission to destroy such when discovered by a satellite scan.
- A thought is if an intercept mission takes place over an anti-air battery then the alien vessel receives a buff in dealing with the human interceptor.
- Such missions could be more likely if a small alien craft [more-so pertaining to light AAA] or Medium alien craft [more-so pertaining to heavy AAA] escapes interception.

+ Alien Anti-Satellite emplacement
- The detection of one might best generate a mission aimed at its destruction.
- The mission could be more likely if a larger class alien craft escapes interception.
- The thought is that it destroys a satellite above the continent it occupies at the end of every turn it is functional.
-- On the third turn of it not being destroyed the continent's conventional military forces that are still members of the council could muster the forces to assault the location. However two bars of panic will be added to each participating country.
-- Countries not on the council will not contribute troops.
-- The more countries contributing, the greater the odds of the structures destruction on the third turn.


* secure weapons on military base mission
- airfields, naval yards, the already present storage complex.
-- Securing weapons could also be done on other maps, air drops from transport aircraft could be retrieved.
- The player's infantry stand next to ammo crates/ pallets and place a transponder on each, but they can be destroyed by alien units.
- Aliens could seek to destroy crates.

/// MISC IDEAS ///

* Satellites could be relocated in orbit.
* Satellites could be used during a mission to perhaps:
- reveal a segment of the FoW for a turn.
- list the number reaming and size of all enemies on the map.

* Skyrangers
- Skyrangers could be vulnerable to alien attack.
- Such could possess/ acquire a defensive gun at its rear that is always on over-watch.
- Skyrangers could be upgraded with VLS pods that take up a troop slot each.
-- Such could provide the player with indirect fire support; perhaps three missiles per pod.

* Additional soldiers could be fielded
- Once the appropriate upgrade is purchased from the academy, six additional soldiers could be fielded by an additional Skyranger(s) [upgrades unlock two or three at a time?].
-- Soldiers could appear on scaffolding above and behind the first row on the deployment screen.

* As already stated above with regards to airborne infantry, the skeleton suit could gain a wing-suit feature to keep it unique.
- The player could activate wing-suit mode so that any movement down (up to a forty-five degree angle) counts as one move.
- It would be the only suit capable of insertion by para-drop.

+Fire on Terrain
- The single most important part of the original XCOM that was removed from the Firaxis version. This was neccessary to make doorways in walls in the original but could be expanded to flush out AI enemies as well.

+Weather Effects
- I know this is a fairly complex feature, however it can add a much wider of variety to levels that would otherwise seem too repetative. Weather effects could decrease/increase performance of all sorts of attributes.

+Capturing Live Aliens Should Be Encouraged
- The Firaxis XCOM only rewards the player when they capture the first speciman of a species. All subsequent captures are useless. There needs to be SOME benefit of capturing live aliens even if it is a small boost to research. How about a random chance of revealing bonus alien bases to attack?

+Colleteral Damage
- There are times when I am firing on one of many targets in a group and if I miss the target I am aiming at the targets behind it should still have a chance of getting hit. This goes for the XCOM squad too.

+Base Defense
- These missions were one of the best things of the original XCOM! It would be even better if scientists and engineers were the 'civilians' in the level. If they get killed in base defense your number of scientists and engineers would decrease accordingly.

+Multiple Bases
- Prevented pooling of critical assets in a single spot and made flights with the skyrangers shorter. They wouldn't all have to be HQ bases with Geoscapes, but they would need hangers, barracks, medical bays, AAA, Power Generators, etc.

+Anti-Aircraft Battery
- These base facilities were used in the original to reduce the chances of having to defend your XCOM facility from a ground invasion.

+Allow multiple Crash sites or Events to occur at the same time
- This greatly increased difficulty in the original. Intercepts/Landings/Crash sites had to be prioritized. If you didn't have enough transports, soldiers, or time then some of the missions would be missed.

+Allow multiple concurrent Skyrangers
- This allowed the player to address multiple events and required the player to use more than their primary combatants.

+Chance of Death in Medical Facility
- I saw this in an earlier post and I think its a great idea. Critically injured characters should have a chance of death even if they survive the mission.

+Have more Alien Base Missions
- Why have only one? These popped up all the time in the original!

+Alien Interceptors
- Why are humans the only ones who can shoot down aircraft? Having XCOM interceptors escort transports could prevent them from being shot down and would add to the whole resource management paradigm. If a skyranger is un-escorted it could be shot down by an alien ship.

Having the ability to build multiple bases was a necessary in the Original XCOM.

This forced players to divide their best soldiers so that all of their resources aren't pooled in a single place to be used on every mission.

Retaliation Meter - a way to keep up with the progress of players. The better you're doing at winning terror missions, shooting down UFO's, etc, it would build up the likelihood of retaliation from aliens. As of right now they ignore you and you're left just waiting for them to do something. It'd be nice if they started seeing you as a threat and it would trigger more base attacks with more difficult enemies based how well you've progressed.

- 40mm grenade launchers that clip under the rifle. I noticed that this was a key weapon missing in the XCOM arsenal. 40mm grenade launchers or 6-shot revolver grenades bridge the gap between hand grenades and rocket launchers. Having different 40mm ammo helps also: tear gas, parachute illumination, high explosive, EMP, non-lethal beanbag, etc. Have grenade vests and bandoliers store grenades.


Squaddie:...HP+2, Aim+3, Mobility +1, Def +5
Corporal:.....HP+0, Aim+3, Mobility +0, Def +2
Sergeant: ...HP+1, Aim+3, Mobility +1, Def +2
Lieutenant: .HP+0, Aim+2, Mobility +0, Def +2
Captain: ......HP+1, Aim+3, Mobility +1, Def +2
Major: ..........HP+0, Aim+3, Mobility +0, Def +2
Colonel: ......HP+1, Aim+3, Mobility +1, Def +5

For colonel stats of: HP 10, Mobility of 16, Def 20, and 85 Aim.

Primary weapon: Combat Knife, Beam Knife, Alloy Blade.
Secondary weapon: Pistols.


Charge - Dash up to your full move and perform a Blade attack against the target with a damage and critical bonus according to tech level. 2 turn cooldown.


Disarm - Using a blade, disarm an opponent's primary weapon, requiring them to reload before being able to attack.
Counter - When they are attacked, they automatically return fire with their equipped pistol.


Elusive - When in full cover and wielding a blade, the Commando is invisible.
Pistolero - When firing a pistol the range between you and the target is halved for determining accuracy bonuses and penalties.


Harry - Whenever a target moves into or out of an adjacent square, the Commando gets a free attack against them.
Deadeye - Pistols deal additional damage dependent on tech level.


Whirlwind - Melee AOE attack against all targets within 2 squares.
Clever Shooting - Double the critical hit chance when attacking with a pistol.


Agility - You receive no penalty for being flanked or exposed.


Bloodthirst - Move up to your mobility and make a melee attack, if this melee attack is fatal, then you may use Bloodthirst again this turn. 2 Turn cooldown.
Gun Fu - Critical hits with a pistol do not consume an action.

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