Causey Middle School Uniform Policy Essay


Business Marketing Department - Room 135

The general classroom safety rules are:


1.         Never roll around the classroom in the chair.  It may slip out from under you and cause injury to yourself or others.


2.         Avoid leaning backwards in swivel chairs - they may tip over and cause injury.


3.         Don't stand in swivel chairs to reach something overhead.


4.         Never throw any object to another person.


5.         Avoid carelessness in using sharp instruments (scissors, paper cutting boards, etc.)  Cutting blades should be directed away from the body.   Paper cutting board lever should be locked after each use.


6.         When using the stapler, keep your fingers away from the area where the staples come out.


7.         Remove electrical cords form the outlets by holding the plug firmly --- not by pulling the cord.


8.         Avoid overloading electrical outlets.


9.         Keep all electrical cords wrapped around a desk leg and out of the traffic pathway to prevent someone from falling over them.


10.        Keep aisles and work areas clean and orderly.  Keep chairs, books, electrical cords, and other articles not in use in your desk or on the floor under the desk.


11.        Keep pens, pencils, empty adding machine paper rolls, etc., off of the floor.


12.        Avoid inhaling vapors from office products such as liquid paper, platen cleaning fluid, glue, etc.   Doing so may result in serious health consequences.


13.        Never insert a foreign object in the outlets at the back of the computer or an electrical outlet.  Doing so will result in an electrical shock.


14.        Keep the area behind the computer units and printers free of paper, books, and clutter to avoid overheating of the units.


15.        Do not attempt to open the computer equipment or peripherals to repair.   Report any malfunctions to the instructor.


16.        Never leave a file drawer open OR more than 1 open at a time.


17.        When lifting or moving articles (tables, chairs, etc.), request the assistance of another individual.


18.        All students must pass all portions of the safety test prior to using equipment in the classroom or lab.


19.        Report any malfunctioning equipment, frayed wires, or damaged electrical outlets to the instructor immediately.


20.        Unplug equipment before cleaning.


•21.               Report any injuries to the instructor immediately.


22.        Be careful not to have any liquids around the computer.

Causey Middle School Uniform Policy 2017-2018


This Dress Code was developed to encourage Causey Middle School students to become contributing members to the community and promote self-pride, good character, and self-respect. Any violation of the dress code will be handled according to the Mobile County Public School System Code of Conduct.


Shirts—Colors: 6th Gray; 7th Yellow; 8th Navy

*No logos Except--Causey Middle School

*Traditional polo/golf type shirt--no more than 3 buttons, must have a collar, straight or banded        sleeves

*Shirts must be tucked in and collars must be visible.

*Undershirts are to be solid--Navy, White, Black or Gray



*Uniform style, straight-leg; must be hemmed no ruffled, frayed, cut, or torn edges.

*No jeans, denim, corduroy, patch pockets, decorated pockets, watch pockets, cargo,                painter,   flare legs, low cut, joggers, spandex, leggings, jeggings, or low rise pants

*Pants must be worn at waist line—No sagging, oversized or extremely tight pants

*Short length cannot be shorter than 2 inches above the knee

*Pants must have belt loops

* No elastic around the cuffs of the pants is allowed



*White, black, navy, gray-solid colors only


*Athletic shoes/tennis shoes only

*No sandals, open toe, open back, platform shoes, boots, moccasins, Crocs, ballerina/baby doll style slippers or slides



*Solid Navy, Black or Gray—No leather or denim

*Causey Middle School logo only

*No hoods are to be worn in the building


*All pants must have belt loops and belts must be worn. Belts should be black or brown. Oversized or large “FAD” belt buckles are not permitted.


ID Badges

*Badges must be worn at all times attached to the student’s collar with picture visible

*Replacement will be sold for 5 dollars



*No tongue rings, nose rings, facial or distracting jewelry

*No bandanas of any color

*Hair color must be natural, out of eyes, and non-distracting—No Mohawks

*No tattoos

*No hats, sweat bands or head covering

*No excessive makeup or ear rings that expand the ear lobe


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