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Managing in the Generational Workplace:


Yes, Work Is A Four Letter Word

Is work killing you? Statistics show that for most employees, work is killing them. They are not productive, nor enthusiastic and their happiness is gone in short work is a very bad day. According to Gallup, 70% of workers are not engaged, meaning that they are operating well below the efficiency they should be. Viewed another way, seven out of 10 employees are napping at their desks two hours a day.

So, even if you love your job, the majority of your team isn’t as happy as you are.


The hardest thing to change in an organization is culture.   It is not an absence of listening skills that is killing your culture it’s that people just don’t communicate.

Today’s workplaces feature three, soon to be four distinct generations, each with their own modes of communication and technology usage. Organizational leaders are failing to communicate with two or three generations of employees without even realizing it.

You need to shift

We teach you how to shift your communication with each worker generation and bridge the workplace communications gap using nine simple skills that we call the Donohue Method™.

These skills help enable you to communicate effectively with the very different generations in your workplace, reducing barriers and stress while raising productivity ↑, engagement ↑and project success ↑.

What’s in it for you?

People who learn to shift using the Donohue Method:

  • Reduce stress by 34%
  • Increase ability to finish projects and achieve goals by 11%
  • Increase financial well-being. Great communicators are 1.7 times more likely to outperform their peers financially


The Donohue Method

The Donohue Method teaches you the 9 Skills that not only help you bridge the communication gap but understand why it is happening, test management solutions, and understand the symptoms of generational fatigue that are limiting your potential.

In this course you will learn among other things:

  • The 9 Skills
  • Your generational profile and the profile of your team as it relates to the workplace
  • Identifying your dominate communication pattern – visual, auditory or kinesthetic – allowing you to shift your patterning to the needs of your listeners to ensure the message sent is the message received.

Taking the Online Program

There are three certificates each comprised of four credit hours.

A credit hour consists of four 10-minute online lessons (think Khan Academy) and one homework assignment per week. Homework is an online personal assessment of what you learned using a situation taken from Dr. Donohue’s private mentoring practice.

Certificate #1 Generational Engagementintroduces you to how each generation learns, what they fear, their approach to work, their engagement triggers, if and why they need a mentor, and how to build culture with each generation.

Certificate #2 Generational Valueintroduces you to triggers and symptoms of communication breakdown that destroy a team members sense of value causing them to quit or to quit working; including how generations frame feedback, how they articulate anger, and typical responses by generation to not feeling valued.

Certificate #3 Generational Trustintroduces you to cultural roadblocks that prevent trust from developing between generations, thereby limiting overall productivity including how to reward team members, what drives trust, leadership perception, and attachment to vision and mission.

What our clients say

Through her no-nonsense approach to teaching, Dr. Donohue consistently delivers practical resources for today’s leader, and she has a unique way of simplifying the complex.” Michael Camp, Director, Walmart Stores, Inc.

We used Donohue Learning as a means to better understand how to work with the different generations in our team, and consequently increased our sales by 15% in 13 weeks.” Mark Tinnerman, Senior VP, Bank of Montreal

Donohue Learning was an excellent tool in our portfolio to move our diversity and mentoring initiatives forward. Today, we have more women and young people in senior leadership because of the program.” Dustin Angelo, President Anaconda Mining


Sign up here!

To sign up or for more info please email mohd@donohuelearning.com


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