Definition Essay On The Word Strength

Although not many of us enjoy hearing the blatant truth, sometimes life isn't easy. We often see people finding themselves in less than ideal situations where they succumb to their problems instead of finding the strength to fight. However, strength isn't something that can be found overnight. It also isn't something that just comes and goes. Strength is all about experiences. Cold, painful, raw experiences that you sometimes wish you could permanently erase from your mind. Yet, without those dreadful memories is the absence for growth, and the understanding of what it means to have strength. Living with a terminal illness has really helped me to grasp, what I feel, is the true meaning behind this word, and this is what I've learned.

Strength is knowing what suffering feels like and learning to rise above it. It's about being kicked down over and over again and having absolutely no idea how you're going to get yourself back up, but somehow always do. It's about believing in yourself. Believing in yourself so passionately that you're not afraid of facing the situation at hand. Strength is telling yourself that you are good enough, brave enough, and strong enough to overcome that obstacle. Because you can. It's realizing that you are capable of whatever you set your mind to. Strength is persevering.

Strength is about being a fighter. It's about continuing to fight even though you know you're losing the battle. It's about losing, but then coming out stronger. It's the little voice inside of your head telling you that you always have to be willing to fight, and fight hard. Strength is having the power and goal-oriented mindset to chase your dreams. Because, honestly, you'll never know unless you try. It's about not letting your adversities and setbacks hold you down, but rather understanding that you are in control of your own destiny and happiness.

Strength is having hope where hope was once lost and holding onto faith even through the darkest of times. It's about finding the strength to move forward and leave your past behind, but never forgetting how you got to where you are in this moment in time. It's about taking each experience, the good and the bad, and learning a valuable lesson from it. It's about being able to accept the circumstances we cannot humanly change. And, most importantly, strength is about the ability to find the beauty in every little perfect and imperfect aspect of your beautiful life.

How would you define strength?

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Strength is more then just a physical word. It is a word of high stature. Strength can be used in three ways; physical, mental, and spiritual. Strength is the quality of being physically strong, capacity to sustain the application of force without yielding or breaking, effectiveness, and concentration. Strength is a word that is a greatly misinterpreted from time to time. To some, strength is only in physical form, but for others strength comes with emotions and spirituality.

Physical strength is a good thing to have for your personal benefit. To be physically fit is good for your health and for the protection of you and others. To have physical strength is a great asset, but for some a mere burden. For the bully who abuses his physical strength, it could lead to anguish and pain for him and others. Is a man strong when he hits his wife or is a man strong when he offers comfort? That's were mental strength comes into play.

Mental strength can be one of the best things to have. To be able to control a situation is a great thing. When we get older we gain more mental strength, because our minds gain more knowledge. Karate teaches self defense, but their main focus is on mental strength. The instructors

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teach their students to only use karate as self defense. That it takes more strength to not use karate then it does to actually use it. In a relationship mental strength is the top quality. "It takes a lot of mental strength to focused and stay married for twenty-nine years."(John Hart) Teaching anything and everything involves a lot of mental strength (patience). For some having attractive features can lead to over confidence, niaveness, and broken relationships. For others having beauty...


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