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  • Thus, the Cruz amendment creates almost a textbook scenario of wide-scale adverse selection—whereby riskier and more expensive patients wind up concentrated in risk pools—and entirely undermines any tools for managing that adverse selection.

    —vann r. newkirk ii, The Atlantic, "The Cruz Plan Would Splinter Health Insurance Markets,"14 July 2017

  • According to Bloomberg, United is set to unveil a system whereby the airline would offer rewards to passengers who are willing to give up their seat on an overbooked flight days in advance.

    —lucinda shen, Fortune, "This Is United’s New Plan to Deal With Overbooked Flights,"12 July 2017

  • This has become a mechanism whereby these people state their identities.

    —marc fisher, david nakamura, Alaska Dispatch News, "Is Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘I love it’ email a smoking gun or a distraction?,"12 July 2017

  • Ever since the election, there’s been a lot of overreading of culture whereby everything is being seen as a direct one-to-one parable.

    —daniel d’addario, Time, "Game of Thrones Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss: ‘We Know What Happens in Each Scene’ of Season 8,"11 July 2017

  • The future of the Veneto banks had hung in the balance over the past two years since the ECB uncovered a capital hole caused by a spike in bad loans and a mis-selling scandal whereby the banks' customers were sold shares in exchange for loans.

    —reuters, Fortune, "Italy Is Bailing Out 2 Failing Banks for Up To $19 Billion,"26 June 2017

  • Muse also used a Facebook Live feature that allowed them to schedule their live video in advance to create a virtual lobby whereby thousands of fans could congregate and converse before receiving a prompt for the live feed.

    —andy gensler, Billboard, "Muse Draws Over 1 Million Views For Facebook Live Austin Concert,"16 June 2017

  • In nature, there is something called the Law of Return whereby the things plants develop from the soil's nutrients drop off and decay and go back into the soil to start the cycle again.

    —jeff lowenfels, Alaska Dispatch News, "Be your own bees, Alaska gardeners,"30 June 2017

  • Brexit, whereby Britain fails to strike a deal with the remaining 27 nations of the EU before the formal departure date of March 2019.

    —pan pylas and martin crutsinger, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Yellen: Banking reforms should avert future financial crisis,"27 June 2017

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